Irrigation Backflow Preventer

By law, in the State of Connecticut, you must have a backflow preventer installed as part of your system. This is a safety measure designed to protect you and your family. Without a backflow preventer chemicals or pesticides that you use may filter through the soil and creep into your home – compromising your family’s drinking water.

The landscape irrigation system and your drinking water system are the same for most homeowners. Sprinkler lines lay in gardens and lawns that are often sprinkled with weed killer and pesticides. Irrigation systems occasionally draw water inward – this is known as backflow and can contaminate your water inside your home. As a professional licensed irrigation installer you can be sure it will be included in any system we design for you. If you don’t have one not only are you breaking the law, but you are endangering your family’s health. Request your free estimate today!

The backflow preventer prohibits the contamination of your personal water supply.

Watch our short video so you can learn about the importance of having an irrigation backflow prevention system installed as part of your system. Some unscrupulous irrigation installers must leave this critical component out of your design to save some money – but you will be breaking the law as well as endangering your family’s drinking water.